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Japanese Modern is New Now

Japanese Modern is New Now

Japanese-style paintings for none other than Western rooms!
~Quality space that comes with class and presence~

In recent years, Japanese culture, such as the concept of wa, has been garnering popularity overseas while a boom in Japanese-inspired items, ncluding kimono, has been taking place at home.
Against this background, why don’t you hang a Japanese-style painting in your room to create a new Japanese-inspired space?

While gorgeous Western paintings are wonderful, the Japanese counterparts come with class to tighten space and impart dignity to your room through their presenceimpart dignity to your room through their presence.
Imagine a notch higher quality of life with a Japanese-style painting added in a reception room for business or your personal space.

For those who wish to hang a Japanese-style painting but have no Japanese room available, please do not worry.
Japanese-style paintings blend well into Western rooms as well, displaying elegance and poise that they uniquely have, if you are only careful about the use of small articles.
Japanese-style paintings for none other than Western rooms!

If you don’t know what to do about creating an ambience in your room, our staff, who has chalked up a track record in consistently delivering first-rate Japanese-style paintings, is more than happy to give you a piece of advice on how to add a little bit of stage effect to your room.

A Single Painting Turns Your Room into a Japanese-Inspired Space!
~Japanese-style paintings help impart class and presence to your room~

For those who love Japan, don’t you want to fill your room with a wa atmosphere?
What do you say to hanging kimono or a Japanese-inspired article as interior decoration?
The top-drawer interior to create a wa space is a Japanese-style painting after all.
Why don’t you create the highest-class wa-inspired contemporary space by introducing a Japanese-style painting?

We will be happy to suggest not only paintings with a very wa taste but Western rooms that employ Japanese-style paintings by leveraging their appeal of imparting a wa atmosphere to a space as well.

Now let us encourage you to take a look at some specific ways of creating a Japanese-inspired space.

Adding Grace to the Entrance

Let us suggest that you hang a Japanese-style painting at the entrance that welcomes your guest first.
The class of a Japanese-style painting helps express the spirit of hospitality and add luxury to your residence.
If you just add a single Japanese-style painting with presence, you can paint the space in the vivid colors of the painting, turning it into another space with a whole new atmosphere.

img_cj03_sClick to enlarge
Nobuyasu Asano  “A Single Cherry Tree”

A painting of a cherry tree that is looking forward to the advent of spring, which helps fill the entrance with an atmosphere that extends a warm welcome to guests.

(Tips on space creation)

“Red and White Plum Blossoms” by Kyohei FujitaInstead of using a large-size article, let us suggest you match glass artcraft “Red and White Plum Blossoms” by Kyohei Fujita.
By combining a classy article albeit small, you can strike a good balance between the spring peaceful landscape.

Click to enlarge

Sumio Goto 	Spring Snow Fair 10Click to enlarge
Sumio Goto “Spring Snow Fair”

This piece of artwork is by Sumio Goto, in which blue is vividly impressive. Deep, deep blue draws you in the Buddhist temple in the winter.

(Tips on space creation)

The same type of color, i.e., indigo kimono obi (sash) is used as a centerpiece to bring out the best in this very Japanese painting.
While pulling the whole look together, wa blends well into a Western space.

Shiko Munakata Rose GoddessClick to enlarge
Shiko Munakata “Rose Goddess”

An okubi-hanga (a Japanese woodblock print portrait) by Shiko Munakata, who is loved by the global audience.
The impressive colors on a simplified motif are popular both at home and abroad.

(Tips on space creation)

The same indigo kimono obi (sash) is used to accentuate the artwork by adding a vase of quiet color with a single cherry blossom in it.

In the Corner of Your Room

In the corner of your room or to create space in the hallway
If you pick a Japanese-style painting that makes its presence felt, it helps tighten the ambience by iteslf, creating a space a notch above the rest.

Gyosyu Hayami Young AyuClick to enlarge
Gyosyu Hayami “Young Ayu”

Gyosyu Hayami is one of Japan’s leading Japanese-style painters. As he passed away at the tender age of 40, he is known to have a very limited number of works. Among others, this work can safely be referred to as one of the rare masterpieces of the prime quality.
Ayu lies on fresh green leaves – a piece of art that makes you feel the arrival of summer.

(Tips on space creation)

The articles on the desk are kimono obi and a single cherry blossom. While integrating the space with the same tone, a well-modulated space is created with kimono obi hanging combined with the height of the flower.

Chinami Nakajima Weeping Cherry Tree in Aramaki 10Click to enlarge
Chinami Nakajima “Weeping Cherry Tree in Aramaki”

The cherry tree is Chinami Nakajima’s iconic motif. With pleasant colors, this piece of art sticks out in your mind. With such lyrical handsome foliage, this painting looks its best in a Western room as well.

(Tips on space creation)

In the same space as above, the articles on the desk, namely, a brighter color centerpiece with an article short in height help highlight special extent.

Enjoy the Taste of Wa to Your Heart’s Content

If you unify one of the walls with the taste of wa, your room will be colored with Japanese-inspired colors at a single stroke. We recommend this for those who wish to enjoy a wa space to your heart’s content.
The hanging scroll has an appeal of drawing you into the world of Japanese-style paintings on its own.

(Tips on space creation)

A space of wa created by a hanging scroll and tokonoma (alcove in a traditional Japanese room) leaves room in space per se thanks to the high and low articles placed on either side.

Shoen Uemura Matsukaze Shihon (Japanese paper) Tomobako (origina box) Jikuso (mounting for a scroll)Click to enlarge
Shoen Uemura “Matsukaze” Shihon (Japanese paper) Tomobako (origina box) Jikuso (mounting for a scroll)

A masterpiece of Shoen Uemura, one of the renowned masters of bijin-ga (Ukiyo-e portraying beautiful women).
Typical of a Japanese-style painting, this bijin-ga maximizes “marginal beauty.”
The woman using a fan is sensual; a piece of art filled with femininity.

Matazo Kayama Japanese Morning Glory Shihon (Japanese paper) Tomobako (origina box) Jikuso (mounting for a scroll)Click to enlarge
Matazo Kayama “Japanese Morning Glory” Shihon (Japanese paper) Tomobako (origina box) Jikuso (mounting for a scroll)

The pattern of Japanese morning glory that seems as if it were drawing you into the contrasting density of ink.
Albeit its subdued tone, its presence and appearance is in a class of its own. With this hanging scroll alone, the space is tightened.

Shinsui Ito “Mirror” Shihon (Japanese paper) Tomobako (origina box) Jikuso (mounting for a scroll)Click to enlarge
Shinsui Ito “Mirror” Shihon (Japanese paper) Tomobako (origina box) Jikuso (mounting for a scroll)

This is bijin-ga by Shinsui Ito, who is also known as father of actress Yukiji Asaoka. Though the two above are the same bijin-ga, compared with Matsukaze, whose appeal lies in sensuality, dignified beauty stands out in this piece of art.

Gifts that Set You Apart from Others

Unforgettable gifts that are also bequeathed to future generations

Have you ever worried about gifts for business or personal purposes?
“I don’t want to send a safe article but it should not be a good idea to send something cumbersome, either…”
Why don’t you send a Japanese-style painting as an unforgettable gift that sets you apart from others and as something of asset value that will also be bequeathed to future generations?

【For Business Purposes】

  • When a construction company becomes the owner
  • On the occasion of your client’s anniversary

【For Personal Purposes】

  • Sending a memorable or favorite landscape to your father who celebrates his 60th birthday
  • Sending a painting that lasts forever to your daughter who gets married

Paintings not only remain in your heart but also are assets whose value remains for years unlike something whose value declines when it becomes “used.”
In addition to sending your heart, you can send a painting from a practical perspective of sending assets.

Kazuyuki Sudo Dawn 15Click to enlarge
Kazuyuki Suto “Dawn”

This is a Japanese-style painting by an up-and-coming hopeful on whom great expectations are being placed by Nihon Bijutsuin. This blends well into Western interior with no feeling of strangeness.
A fascinating piece of art featuring warm hues

(Tips on space creation)

We use a simple frame so that the artwork may look its best in a corporate meeting room or a living room at home. It fits well with Western articles, such as a book or sculpture, as well.

Other Pieces of Art We Recommend